Intermediate String Ensemble Pieces

Intermediate String Ensemble Pieces

Great Big Diving Giants is a fun and fast moving piece which will excite and energise your string ensemble. It is written for string ensemble, including piano accompaniment and includes a score. It is featured in Violin Time videos and Book 1. The first violin part mostly carries the tune, although the seconds feature the tune towards the end and the viola has a moment of glory in the middle. Cello and Double bass keep everyone together with their steady downbeat accompaniment. This piece also sounds great if the piano can play along for the performance as it has a few added extra bits to excite the eager audience!

Great Big Diving Giants

The Arpeggiated Carnival is an exciting piece, set in the key of A minor and is featured in the Violin Time videos and Book 1. It opens with a 3 note quaver anacrusis and zooms along with all parts having the opportunity to play the tune or part of it. A great piece for opening a student concert. It is arranged for string ensemble with piano accompaniment and is suitable for approximately Grade 2 standard string orchestra. Your students will love this one!

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Sea Biscuit is a relaxed piece with a swing style. It reminds me of just cruising down a calm stretch of sea on a Sunday afternoon. The piece features shifting between 1st and 3rd position in the first violin part. The 2nd violin and viola parts feature swing style quavers and some triplets. The cello bass line is fairly straightforward in crotchets and minims and keeps the piece at a steady pace. Written for string ensemble with score and piano accompaniment, your students will love this one!

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Crunchy Caterpillars is a simple arrangement for an Intermediate String ensemble with piano accompaniment. It was originally written for solo violin with piano accompaniment and first published in Violin Time Book 1. It features the melody line throughout the 1st and 2nd violins with accompanying sections in the lower strings. Suitable for a Grade 1-2 AMEB level string orchestra.

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La Festaiola is a passionate tango style piece arranged for an Intermediate String ensemble with piano accompaniment. The first violin part holds the melody which features some great 3rd position fingerings for budding little ‘shifters!’ The other parts drive the piece forward with a tango style accompaniment. Suitable for approximately Grade 1- 2 AMEB level string orchestra.

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Waltz Felice is an elegant little waltz in simple triple time written for an Intermediate string ensemble. The first violin part features excellent 1st-3rd position fingering for budding little shifters and the accompanying parts feature beautiful harmonies intertwined with the melody. Suitable for a Grade 2-4 AMEB level string orchestra.

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Flatten that Bee is a great little jazzy piece written for Intermediate String ensemble with piano accompaniment. The pizzicato in the double bass and the harmony in the cello line give the piece a swing feel while the harmony and melody featured throughout the viola and violin lines add a jazzy character to the tune. Suitable for a Grade 3 – 4 AMEB level string orchestra.

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Tears for Elsa is a soulful piece written in 6/8 with a feel of 2 in each bar. The second violins move the piece forward with their moving quavers in second and first position, while the firsts carry the glorious tune. The piano accompaniment is a lovely addition to the work, but not needed for performance. This piece is found in Violin Time Book 2, but has been beautifully arranged for String Ensemble. Suitable for Grade 4-5 AMEB level string orchestra.

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