About Violin Time

Violin Time and Viola Time were created because Nicole LoBartolo had a vision to write a fun and engaging method of learning the violin and viola for school age students learning either individually or in a small group.

Violin Time Book 1 and Viola Time Book 1 are the first books in a series of three to be published. String Time is the group series which has 3 books for Violin, Viola, and Cello suitable for group string tuition.

The methodology is based largely on her belief in the Kodàly methodology where singing is seen as a first instrument to develop excellent pitch, and learning the correct technique for string playing from the start.

Violin Time Book 1 and Viola Time Book 1 set students up for a lifelong love and enjoyment of music. Students learn to read music, sight-sing music directly from the score, learn to play with the correct hand shapes and learn the correct postural and playing technique from the start. This directly influences the sound that students produce. Students who can sing in tune can play in tune and, students that have the correct hand/arm and body shapes for playing are students that have the potential to create a lovely warm sound.

Violin Time and Viola Time students learn to:

–       Sight–sing music directly from the score (read music)

–       Play music while reading

–       Produce a lovely clear sound on the violin/viola. This happens when the shape of the bow hold, the students posture and his/her left hands are correctly positioned.

–       Learn to play in tune. This happens when students are able to sight-sing in tune and can aurally differentiate notes being in tune or out of tune.

Book 2 teaches students vibrato, shifting from 1st through to 3rd position and introduces more complex bowing including ‘off-the-string’ bow strokes. Students would study Book 2 in preparation for sitting their Grade 2, 3 and beginning Grade 4 AMEB examinations.

Nicole LoBartolo is the director of Violin Time. Violin Time  and Viola Time Book 1 and 2 are available both as printed copy and as an e-book. The String Time books are available as printed books and will soon be available as e-books.  Nicole LoBartolo conducts violin lessons and viola lessons privately from her Melbourne home.