6 ideas to make group and individual teaching even smoother

6 ideas to make group and individual teaching even smoother

 I would often think to myself as I chowed down my morning tea in my 3 minute breaks over my years of teaching, ‘Surely there is a better way to teach in a group situation . . .’ This planted the seed of thought that perhaps one day I would write my own book. So, 15 years on, I did! The series is called Violin Time and Viola Time and amongst other things it aims to address some of these issues. So, when it comes to beginner teaching, do any of these pointers resonate with you? Continue reading “6 ideas to make group and individual teaching even smoother”

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Samara’s bow hold . . .

I always find it easier to teach young children to hold a round cylindrical texta before moving on to the bow. Here is a photo of Samara mastering her bow hold on a texta! Well done Samara who is only 2 1/2 years old!

2014-04-25 08.47.09

Arthur’s First Lesson!

A huge congratulations to 2 1/2 year old Arthur who had his first violin lesson in Melbourne while he was on holiday from Chicago . . . You did so well and I felt so proud of you!!







Dancla Number 12

Since there are absolutely no students (or teachers for that matter) willing to put up a recording of Dancla Number 12, I have taken the liberty of recording one (very roughly) to give you students out there some sort of a visual/audio guide of how it goes! Good luck learning it 🙂