Viola Time Book 2 E-Book 2nd Edition

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Viola Time Book 2 (e-book) focuses on developing shifting in a variety of keys, and introduces vibrato. The method used to teach shifting is the ‘lift, glide, and press’ method so that students learn to shift silently between positions. 1st – 3rd position is the first position change covered, then 1st – 2nd position, then later between positions and up to 4th and 5th position briefly.

Students will love the beautiful range of music composed for the purpose of shifting. The styles range from tango, to etude, to waltz, to duets. The keys become more challenging as the book progresses, and each piece has a scale and exercise and resources such as finger charts and online videos to help guide the students practice. Vibrato is introduced and the books feature wonderful exercises to help develop a secure arm vibrato.

Students can access the online tutorials to see a lovely demonstration of the relevant exercises, and scale relevant to each new piece of music.